Skateboard Art Related:

Art of Skateboarding
The best all encompassing online resource for photos and information about skateboard decks produced since whenever by whoever. The site creator keeps promising an auction feature to avoid the travails of eBay, but he has yet to make good on his promise.

The original online resource for photos and random thoughts from the mind of Earl Parker while he was staying on the couch at Marc McKee's house back in 2000.

Jim Phillips
The official site of Jim Phillips, the legendary artist for Santa Cruz in the '70s and '80s. Check out Jim's book, too!

Evan Hecox
The official site of Evan Hecox, the artist now synonymous with the Chocolate brand of products.

Johnny Mojo Munnerlyn
The official site of Johnny Mojo, the artist who took over the artistic reins at NHS in the '90s.

The official fan site for Pushead, the artist responsible for the popularity of Zorlac in the '80s and innumerable skate/punk/metal images and icons from the last 25 years.

Bulldog Skates
The official site of Wes Humpston, the legendary Dogtown artist who pretty much created the classic template for all skateboard graphics to follow.

Andy Howell
The official site of Andy Howell, a former pro skater for Schmitt Stix, New Deal and Underworld Element, the latter two companies of which he directed the graphic design.

Bend Press
The official site of Andy Jenkins, the artist who often goes under the more popularly known name of "Mel Bend."








Skateboard Collecting Related:

Skull and Bones Skateboards
The best online forum for shooting the shit about old skateboards, as well as buying, trading, and selling old school skate goods.

Neuron Skates
Some random collector's vanity site for his personal skate collection and a few of his buddies.

Spyhill Skates
Another guy who showcases his collection online in hopes of luring boards into his grasp—pretty much the same thing I'm trying to do with this site. Speaking of which, go check out my Wanted section.

Skateboard Pimp
One of the most well known collectors in the scene with one of the most envied collections of old Dogtown and Zorlac boards.

Skateboard Collector
A longtime site run by David Anderson, a guy who is also responsible for wrangling the quarterly Skater-Trader events in Southern California.
A friend of Mike Vallely's that has some great old Powell Peralta boards in his collection. Thanks for contributing a few of them to the Disposable site!









Totally Random :

Joe Sorren
One of my favorite artists outside the skateboard sect.

The Skateboard Mag
A skateboard mag. Thanks again to longtime skate photographer Grant Brittain for his generous contributions to Disposable!

Toy Machine Skateboards
A skateboard company like none other. For creative whimsy, Ed Templeton rocks.

Jackass Book
The first book I authored that I thought for sure was gonna get me my second big deal at a mainstream publisher—it didn't.

Powell Peralta
My first employer re-born after a baker's dozen of years. If you're a fan of the OG Powell Peralta stuff—like me—there's bound to be some good things found here.

Concrete Wave Magazine
A skateboard mag with a broader scope on the activity than most. Publisher and Editor Michael Brooke has made some serious bets on the future of skateboarding, now let's see how they pay off.

I'm not sure when it's getting a sorely needed update, but look here for art and recordings by Thomas Campbell, Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero, and other creative others.

Todd Francis
Todd used to have an online business card here, but he's since significantly updated his surroundings.

Burlesque Design
There's some good, I mean, great shit going on in Minnesota. Here's proof. Work by artists Aaron Horkey and Todd Bratrud is found here, among others.

Alien Workshop
One of the most creative skateboard companies to succeed outside the realm of California.

Skate and Annoy
I don't know much about the site, but they wrote a cool review of the book, let me send them a banner ad, and I do enjoy the eBay reports.

A random step-child of the Girl Skateboard family that can be an enjoyable way to waste time at work.

Eric Simpson Photography
My designer and cover photograher's site.