Soon after the release of The Man Who Souled the World, Marc McKee and I sent our board collections out on the road for a series of "retrospective shows" in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Sydney, and the Gold Coast of Australia. We'd hoped for the show to travel onto other locales, but I think our sponsorship dollars crapped out. Damn. I was really hoping to hit Tokyo and New York. Anyway, here's a video cobbled together from the LA and Australia stops. For further words and photos go here.


In 2007, Whyte House Productions released this documentary about the crazy life and times of Steve Rocco—the unlikely freestyle/streetstyle pro that sent the skateboard industry for a loop with his World Industries conglomeration of companies. Graphics played a huge role in this empire, a few of which are seen and talked about by everyone involved at the time. Want to buy it? Go here.

If there was ever to be a video version of Disposable this looks to surely be it. Director Matt Bass is still in the process of tracking down the last few prominent faces in skateboarding to flesh out this documentary about the art of skateboarding and everything to come from it, so here's a preview trailer for now. For more information on its production, go here


Over in my 9-to-5 land at Dickhouse, we started work on a video-ized history of Big Brother skateboard magazine. The whole "documentary" term is getting way too loose and abused these days, so at this time I'd rather not label it as such—especially because the project isn't on a formal deadline and we're just collecting snippets of interviews whenever available pockets of time allow. In the meantime, we've been carving out little featurettes on the magazine, like this look back on some of the more interesting images to grace the cover of Big Brother.